Azmari shares second track from debut album

'Azalaï' is the second track we get to share from Azmari's debut album Samā’ī  to be released January 22nd. The album marks a long desert crossing where ethiogroove, dub, psychfunk and oriental sounds merge. 'Azalaï' is a word that refers to the Tuareg commercial caravans that crossed the Sahara desert twice a year for almost 1000 kilometers to transport salt between Taoudéni and Timbuktu. To... Read more December 10 2020

STUFF. is back with first track from new album!

The almighty STUFF. is back! 'Cumulus' is the first track from their upcoming album due early next year on Sdban Ultra. Discover it here >>> Known for their rhythmic sensibility and curious melody, the quintet weave together a futuristic soundsphere where electronic wind instruments, drums, electric bass, synthesizers and turntables combine with Pollock-like... Read more December 03 2020

First track from new De Beren Gieren album

Psychotropic ‘A Funny Discovery’ is the opening track from the upcoming De Beren Gieren album 'Less Is Endless' due February next year. Known for their dynamic sound and complex song structures, De Beren Gieren delivers an extravagant blend of polyrhythmic soundscapes and elitist twists, showing an ability to change the mood in a way that constantly holds the listener’s attention. They... Read more November 27 2020

Steiger new EP out now!

Three residencies – at Vooruit (Ghent), Flagey (Brussels) and deSingel (Antwerp) – gave the band opportunities to incorporate new ideas into its music, like the use of piano, harpsichord and synths. Collaborating with an external musician was a first for the band. Australian composer, improviser and producer Joe Talia (Oren Ambarchi, Jim O’Rourke) is very active in Tokyo and Berlin, and an expert... Read more November 20 2020

Azmari shares first track from their upcoming debut album

Created in Brussels in 2015, Azmari is a weaving musical odyssey that expertly fuses ethiogroove, dub, psychfunk and eastern sounds. Having released their debut EP ‘Ekera’ last year, a series of shows across Europe saw the Azmari sound develop and ten days performing in Istanbul opened the band’s ears to the Turkish sounds and rhythms from the 1960s. Keen to get back in the studio to start work... Read more November 06 2020