M.CHUZI - Papara: the debut album

We couldn't be more excited to present you M.CHUZI's long awaited debut album 'Papara'. On the isle of Crete, the ancient practice of dipping your bread in different sauces and dips is called “papara”. True to its music-as-sauce philosophy, Brussels-based groove formation M.CHUZI invites you to dip your ear into the sonic sauces that are on offer in its versatile menu. Released 4th November via... Read more November 04 2022

Bandler Ching are back with infectious new music

        After 'Sub Surface', a stunning EP that came out in October 2020, Bandler Ching (best band name ever?) are back with infectious new music. Hailing from Brussels, Bandler Ching is a creation of musical ideas from composer and saxophonist Ambroos De Schepper (Kosmo Sound, Azmari and Mos Ensemble). Flawlessly blending contemporary jazz, electronics, trap, hip-hop and global beats, the sound... Read more October 28 2022

Stellar Legions' debut album is out now

Stellar Legions' debut album is out now and can be ordered and streamed at the usual places. Stellar Legions is four experienced space cadets from the Antwerp interstellar legion, led by Captain Andrew Claes (STUFF., BRZZVLL, Internal Sun). With a sound rooted in jazz, improv, hip-hop, dub and electronic music, brace yourself for an intergalactic trip through colourful musical worlds and allow... Read more October 22 2022

M.CHUZI release stunning music video for 'Sambal'

Following the release of 'Mammoet' feat. Nabou Claerhout, M.CHUZI & Sdban Records now present the music video for 'Sambal'. With 'Sambal', M.CHUZI delivers a track that truly captures its musical philosophy. The song constantly alters an almost cheesy but ultimately sunny bass groove and guitar lines combined with demon-like horns and haunting keys. The music video was filmed and edited by... Read more October 17 2022

Lucid Lucia's Ever-changing Light is out now

Following the release of their critically acclaimed self-titled debut EP in 2021, Antwerp’s Lucid Lucia release their debut album ‘Ever-changing Light’ on the 7th October via the groove-obsessed Belgian tastemaker label, Sdban Ultra. Searching to unwrap the mystery that is a human life, across nine tracks of jazz and space funk-infused grooves, Lucid Lucia look to the sound of Herbie’s ‘Head... Read more October 07 2022