TaxiWars Toutpartout Session of Drop Shot

TaxiWars brings Drop Shot at TOUTPARTOUT sessions

TaxiWars recorded a live version of 'Drop Shot' for TOUTPARTOUT sessions. TaxiWars brings ‘Drop Shot’, a smouldering late night groovin’ song at the impressive Floraliënhal, Ghent. The first song of their third album Artificial Horizon hits the spot with it’s typical TaxiWars lyricism, poetry and jazz with a rock sensibility. Watch the video here! October 17 2019

New signing on Sdban Ultra: ECHT!

Glad to announce another new signing on Sdban Ultra. ECHT! is a Brussels based band fresh on the scene combining electronic music styles like footwork, bizzaroid hip hop, trap with futuristic jazz and funk. Their favourite artists are Jonwayne, Dj Rashad, Deantoni Parks, J Dilla, Dorian Concept and Aphex Twin. Their debut ep 'DOUF' will be released on November 29th. October 07 2019
John Ghost - Airships Are Organisms vinyl

OUT NOW: John Ghost - Airships Are Organisms

John Ghost's new album 'Airships Are Organisms' is out now! Grab your copy here: Created around the Ghent guitarist and composer Jo De Geest, the Belgian sextet draw on influences from jazz, rock and post-classical music, where minimalism, electronics and a cinematic atmosphere characterize their instrumental music. Tracks like 13-... Read more September 27 2019
De Beren Gieren celebrate 10 years with Broensgebuzze EP

OUT NOW: De Beren Gieren - Broensgebuzze EP

De Beren Gieren celebrate their 10 year anniversairy with a limited edition 10" vinyl. Discover 'Broensgebuzze' here: The "Broensgebuzzes” are common themes in the work of De Beren Gieren. It is a small nostalgic piece of music, an invitation to long-gone memories. Each of these soundprints have appeared on previous albums. History fades but De Beren Gieren felt... Read more September 13 2019

Compro Oro announce new album 'Suburban Exotica'

After releasing tracks 'Lalibela' and 'Rastapopoulos' we are glad to announce the release of Compro Oro's next album 'Suburban Exotica' via Sdban Ultra, October 18th! One of the leading bands in the ever-expanding new wave of Belgian jazz, Compro Oro's wayward and psychedelic approach to a broad range of sounds has gained them a devoted fan base since the band’s formation in 2014. Produced by... Read more September 05 2019